Exciting times here at Lissett Limousins, we have had a bull heavy calving period. The bulls outweigh the heifers from nearly 3 to 1 so theres plenty to sell in the future. The emphasis has been on our herd sire Jac and AI sires including Attirant, Haltcliffe Picasso, Hamac and Lodge Hamlet have been used also.

Here are a two calves we are excited about at the moment and a young weaned bull.

Lissett Osten – Hamac x Lissett Iris – https://www.taurusdata.co.uk/beef/animalmanager/animaldetails?id=10400618

We are very excited by this young bull, who is showing exceptional growth. The small born calf was sired by the French bull Hamac who was selected for his meternal traits and exceptional growth rates. The 8 month old bull is earmarked for our commercial herd at present, hopefully bringing easing calving, milk and growth to the crossbred herd.

Below is a video link to this bull on our facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/lissett.limousins/videos/2413468882100486/


Lissett Portland – Jac x Haltcliffe Garland – https://www.taurusdata.co.uk/beef/animalmanager/animaldetails?id=10407773

A personal favourite here, Jac has sired eleven spring born bull calves here at Lissett but this is the pick at the moment. Jac has shown his trait of easing calving so far and Portland was no exception. Portland is developing exceptional plates and quick growth much like his sire. The dam (Garland) was bred at Haltcliffe and is a big long clean cow, she currently has the best maiden heifer in the crop sired by Norman Infusion.


If there any interest in any other calves by Jac do not hesitate to contact us.